speed-i-Jet 798


Complete independence: The speed-i-Jet 798 is the handy marking solution for mobile printing of custom texts, sequential numbers, date, and time.

The print image can be created easily on the computer before use and transmitted via USB.

Absorbent and even irregular surfaces can be marked directly and individually. The handy pocket format fits into any work clothing.

Clever: In spite of different hand motion speeds, all the print images will appear in optimal quality.

The speed-i-Jet 798 is easy to operate: Simply pull it across the surfaces to be printed on and push the red button. Done!


  • Handy pocket format
  • 100% mobile
  • User friendly
  • Simple handling
  • Suitable for left- and right handed users
  • Prints up to 40 characters in one line
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REINER speed-i-Jet 798 - Software
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕ 
Pos. 201speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 201; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 202speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 202; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 203speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 203; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 204speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 204; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 205speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 205; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 206speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 206; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 207speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 207; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm
Pos. 208speed-i-Jet 798; Order No.: Pos. 208; 3.2 mm (72dpi)3.2 mm

Technical Data

Imprint:Number, date, time, text
Prints from:PCset
Dimensions (L x W x H ):173 x 32 x 43 mm
Weight:approx. 125 g
Character font:40 characters, in one line
Figure size:3,2 mm
Data transfer:USB
Storable print images:1 storable print image
Print technology:inkjet
Print resolution:96 dpi
Battery capacity:up to 1,000 imprints
Order No.798 000-000 | speed-i-Jet 798 + ink P1-S-BK

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Product videos

speed-i-Jet 798


Product information
Operating instructions
PREMIUM Advertising material
PREMIUM Product and accessory images
PREMIUM Product images with imprints
PREMIUM Sample Prints

Application Notes

Clear coding of train tickets with REINER marking system

Clear coding of train tickets with REINER marking system

As it was starting to prepare for the global exhibition in 2015, Italian railway company Trenitalia was looking for a way to devalue the many different ticket types quickly and traceably.

The REINER mobile inkjet printer speed-i-Jet 798, which can be pulled across the ticket like a marker pen, gave the Italian state railway company the right solution for this  large event.

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Printer cartridges

Cartridge inkjet

for absorbent surfaces

P1 front 72dpi
Adheres to:Paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick                 
Order-No.:801 307-000
Product details

Cartridge inkjet

for absorbent surfaces

P1 front 72dpi
Adheres to:Paper, cardboard, wood, stone/brick                
Order-No.:801 307-050
Product details

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jetStamp® graphic 970

• For medium and small imprint areas
• Diverse imprint options
• Lightweight device
• The device is securely stored and placed well by the station
• Quick print image change
• Max. print size: 65 mm (2 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”).

REINER jetStamp 970 - sample print: Text, date, number
REINER jetStamp 970 - sample prints: text with QR code
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• Ideal for large and curved surfaces
• Long imprint area
• Mobile or stationary marking
• Imprint also possible by pulling motion
• Suitable for left- and right handed users
• Max. print size: 140 mm (5 ½”) x 12.7 mm (½”)

REINER 940 - sample print: 1D barcode, numbering, date, time
REINER 940 - sample print: 1D barcode, numbering, date, time
REINER 940 - sample print: Date and text

Product details


Can I programme the imprint for my marking equipment on my own?

Yes, you can use the enclosed software "PCset" to programme your own imprints.

How do I replace the print cartridge on my marking equipment?

A short video explains how to change the print cartridge quickly and easily. Click here for the YouTube video:
jetStamp® 1025

For more information on this, see the operating instructions under "Replace Print Cartridge”. The link to the operating instructions is found in the respective model designation. Please click the model designation.

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speed-i-Jet 798

How many prints are possible per battery charge in my marking equipment?

jetStamp® 1025: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® graphic 970: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® 990: approx. 900 prints
REINER 940: approx. 1,000 prints
jetStamp® 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP: approx. 500 prints
speed-i-Jet 798: approx. 5,000 prints

Can my marking equipment print copies?

No, your marking device cannot print copies. It works with inkjet technology. These include:

jetStamp® 1025
jetStamp® graphic 970
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jetStamp® 790 MP/791 MP/792 MP
speed-i-Jet 798.

What is the quick-drying ink made of?

The quick-drying inks are alcohol-based inks. Therefore, they dry faster than regular water-based inks. You can find the safety datasheets under the following links:

Cartridge inkjet P3-MP2-BK
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP3-BK
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP4-BK

Can I print on food with the ink?

No, our ink is not food proof. Therefore, you must not print directly onto food. Also consider the respective national provisions of food law.

Do I have a guarantee for my marking equipment?

For more information on this, see our general terms and conditions and also in Service and repair. Please click here.