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Optimal marking of plastic containers with the jetStamp® 792 MP – for smooth imprinting

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EMKA Schmiertechnik GmbH produces high performance lubricants.
EMKA now relies on quality made by REINER® and its jetStamp® 792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) marking device for marking of a new oil series available in trade as a 1 litre can.

Consumer protection specifications on mandatory information to be put on packaging affect even engine oil producers. EMKA Schmiertechnik GmbH from Bretzfeld, a renowned manufacturer of high performance lubricants, used to mark its plastic canisters with band stamps. The quality of imprints and slow throughput were no longer on par with internal expectations and demands. The introduction of a new engine oil series for cars, now available in specialist trade in 1 litre cans, led the lubricant expert to professionalise marking of the associated plastic containers as well by introducing the jetStamp® 792 MP marking device (successor jetStamp® 990) by REINER®.

Fast, very durable and clean

Integrated in production following immediately after the canning system at EMKA, the jetStamp® 792 MP (successor jetStamp® 990) prints quickly on the 1 litre cans. Ideally suited to use on plastic surfaces, it provides an imprint of high visual quality. The quick drying ink leaves markings that will not smear. Marking EMKA now runs in permanently high quality like a perfectly lubricated engine.

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