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Can extremely stressed plastic parts be labelled permanently and reliably?

Beschriftung von Bauteilen Kennzeichnungstechnik

BK- Kunststoffe Bernau is one of the leading specialists in the field of carrier materials and resin systems for solutions made of thermosetting materials.

With the mobile inkjet printer REINER® 940, Bernauer Kunststoffe has found the solution for permanent direct printing on the high-quality parts..

At Bernauer Kunststoffe, for example, plain bearing materials are successfully used in machines and plants under the toughest conditions and perform their service in heat or cold, in water or on land. Every product undergoes countless work processes in its production. Complete documentation and marking for traceability of the parts are an indispensable must.

Handheld Inkjet-Printer REINER® 940. Individual. Quick. Efficient.

In addition to numbers, date, time, graphics and barcodes, four print layouts can be stored directly in the marking device REINER® 940. Further possibilities are provided by USB or Bluetooth interface, up to network registration as printer via interface programming. This guarantees that the data required for direct printing of customer and part-specific information is always at hand, even with frequently changing orders.

Printer ok. And the ink?

Here REINER® has developed a special ink. P3-MP3, quick drying with optimum adhesion to various materials.

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