Training as an electronics technician (m/f/d) for devices and systems

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Do you want to know how electrical devices work and are built? Do you wonder just how important electrical components have become for our everyday lives? Do you want to contribute to keeping systems running with smart planning? Then you’re just the bright head we’re looking for in our electronics technician trainees for devices and systems.

Life as we know it today would be unimaginable without electronic components. After all, electronic devices are relevant for virtually every single area of our lives. This is why our electronics technicians (f/m/d) for devices and systems are true multi-talents who go through exciting and versatile training at REINER®.

You will build electronic devices and systems for a vast variety of areas, assemble components, and customise assemblies. You will be able to analyse errors and fix anything that doesn’t run as it should. Apart from handling the hardware, your exciting work will include installation and configuration of programs, operating systems, and firmware.

The REINER® team will teach you all you need to know about procurement of components and equipment, creating documentation and manufacturing documents, planning production processes, and setting up manufacturing and testing machines. On top of this, you are going to work hand in hand with the development and technical departments and help our engineers implement orders and take care of quality management.

Are you interested in training for this profession? You can find all the facts relevant for training as an electronics technician (m/f/d) for devices and systems and information on your options in our detailed job advertisement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the profession or training at REINER®. Our HR manager Mr Riesle is at your disposal by phone +49 7723 657-220 or email (

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